If your blog hasn’t been doing very well in bringing in leads you may want to rethink your whole strategy – blogs are a powerful way to generate online gravitas as well as new leads. Most business owners start blogs but find that maintaining them is a problem – they have no time to generate continuous content. This is no way to approach blogging; if you want to achieve any measure of success you want to take the time out to come up with content and interact with bloggers. If you really cannot find the time the best thing to do is hire a professional content creator to do this for you. Here is what else you need to be doing in the coming year:

You need to interact with other blogs that sell products that are complimentary to yours. If, for instance, you are in the business of selling mobile devices you should find blogs that sell mobile device accessories. By making sure that your link is visible on these blogs you will be able to get some of the traffic on them to your own.

  • Interact with industry giants – they have large followings and you can get some of their followers to become your followers. It will not take a week or a month for this to happen but in time, you will find that they notice you and direct their followers towards you.
  • You need to make sure that you become an authority in your field – when p[people think they are getting information from someone who sounds like they know what they are talking about they are more likely to engage. For you to do this you should be prepared to do research.
  • Be very careful about overt advertising – people are coming to your blog to get information and if all they find is you telling them how good your products are they will turn away and go where they can find helpful information.
  • In case you are wondering what helpful information is, it is the kind of information that helps people to solve day to day problems. Blogs that deal with the “how to” of things tend to have many more followers. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – people are always looking for the right way to do even the simplest things.
  • You want to engage with users but not too much; what you want more is for them to talk to one another. Remember, what you are trying to do is know what or how they think about your products and the general niche so allow them to talk more to each other than to you.

These tips should help you build a much more helpful blog to generate leads.